Abul Hazil Allaf

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Abul Hazil Muhammad, known as Allaf Mu’tazeli, great scholar and theologian, born in 753 in Baghdad, in the reign of Abbasids (dynasty of caliphs who replaced the Umayyad dynasty in 750). He studied some of the common sciences, under one of the students of “Wasel Ibn Ata”. Abul Hazil taught theology in Basra. He was famous for his debates with the believers of other religions. His most famous work is “Milas”. Abul Hazil once had a debate with a fire-worshipper called Milas and also agroup of dualists. He reasoned in a way that they all convinced and Milas embraced Islam. Abul Hazil Allaf died between the years 841 and 850 in Samarra – Iraq.


Mosaheb encyclopedia -vol. 1

Wafayat al-Ayan


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