Qomi Koranic Commentary

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“Qomi” is the name of book on commentary of the Koran, composed by great traditionist and commentator "Ali Ibn Ibrahim Qomi". 


The author

Sheikh Abul Has an Ali Ibn Ibrahim Qomi, great Shiite commentator and traditionist in the 9th century.

His father “Ibrahim Ibn Hashem Qomi” was a great scholar as well.

Ali Ibn Ibrahim lived in the time of the 11th Shia Imamm His Holiness Imam Has an Askari (p. b. u .h) 

Qomi was highly respected by great men, this is the reason why there are many prophetic Hadiths narrated by him in Hadith.

It is said that be became blind at the end of his life Qomi composed over 15 works. Ali Ibn Ibrahim passed away in 1886.


The book structure

Qomi commentary is the basis of many Shiite exegeses of the Koran.
The Hadiths applied in the book are all narrated from Imam Baqer and Imam Sadeq (the 5th and the 6th Shia Imams).

The Koranic verses are explained on the basis of traditions (Hadiths) .

The subjects mentioned in the book are as follows

1- Prophets’ stories

2- The events happened in time of the Prophet

3-abrogating the Koran

4-Desicive and allegorical verses of the Koran

5-distortion of the Koran

By the Koranic verses, the author rejects the wrong Islamic views existing in same of the Islamic sects such as: Mutazila, as well as non – Islamic sects such as: Idolatry Qomi commentary has been always a source of commentary of the Koran.

The book was published in 1892 in Tehran.


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