Jaber Ibn Hayyan

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Abu Abdullah Jaber, one of the principal representatives of earlier Arabic alchemy, in the 8th century. He wrote many books on alchemy, philosophy, medicine, mathematics, astronomy, chemistry and music. There is not exact information on the date of his birth, birth-place and death. But according to the most of references, was born in 721 – 725. Some researchers believe that he was from Kufa – Iraq, but in view of some others, he was Iranian. There are different points of view, whether he was the student of Imam Sadeq (the 6th of Imam of #### Shias) or not. Some reliable references did not consider him as the company of Imam Sadeq but some other references such as: Ibn Nadim, Ibn Khallakan and Tustari, stipulated that he was one of the students of the Imam. Jaber was the first Arab Muslim chemist. He believed that there are seven types of elixirs: The metallic elixir, the herbal elixir, the animal elixir, the animal – herbal elixir, the metallic – herbal elixir, the metallic – animal elixir and the metallic – animal – herbal elixir. There are also seven main metals: Gold, silver, copper, iron, lead, mercury and tin.

He was a diligent author, many writings are attributed to him, almost include all the sciences which have been transmitted to Muslims. All later Arab writes quote his work and several of his books were translated into Latin. The following are some of his works:
1- The secrets of alchemy
2- The principles of alchemy
3- Poisons
4- Abstraction
5- The third element
6- Barley
7- The major single
8- The minor single, etc.

His two books: “The sevens” and “Theh balance” are the foundation of Islamic alchemy. Jaber Ibn Hayyan died n 816 in Tus – Iran.


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