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Sajjadiyeh Book (Sahifeh Sajjadiyya) is a collection of Imam Sjjad’s (the fourth Imam of Shias) prayers. The collection is available in two books: “the minor book” which is valid according to Zaidiyya (a group of Shia which is distinguished from the “Twelvers” and the “Seveners” by the recognition of Zayd Ibn Ali Zayn al-Abidin, as Imam), but not accepted by Imamiyya (the term indicates the Twelver Shia). The other Sahifeh is called “the major book” which is known as Sajjadiyeh Comprehensive Book.

####Structure of the book
It contains 54 prayers. The following are the sections of this significant book:
1- On praising God and the Holy Prophet
2- The prayers for oneself, friends, relatives, parents neighbors, etc.
3- The prayers in the morning, at night and for asking forgiveness from God
4- The prayers in time of being seek, in time of happening bad events, and in time of dying
5- The prayers in Night Prayer, for thanking God and repentance
6- The prayers in Ramadan, on Friday, on Fitr Feast, on the Feast of Sacrifice and in time viewing the new moon
7- The prayers on different problems

Sajjadiyeh Book is a mystic and theological book on cosmology, theism and anthropology. Many explanations and glosses are written on this great book. The list of below are some of those who wrote explanations for Sahifeh:
- Sheikh Bahaee (outstanding Persian scholar)
- Allameh Muhammad Baqer Majlisi
- Mullah Hadi Mazandarani
- Mir Damaad (great Persian philosopher)
- Feyz al-Islam
- Seyyed Ali Khan, etc.


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