The Tranquility and Comfort

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This is one of the literary works of Persian philosopher, Mullah Hadi Sabzewari; on the figures of speech, in Arabic.

The author
Mullah Hadi Sabzewari, Persian philosopher and poet (1797 – 1878), Sabzewar (town in Khorasan, Iran). He disseminated and clarified the doctrines of Mullah Sadra Shirazi (leading Persian philosopher; 1571 – 1640). He studies philosophy and mysticism in Isfahan, Iran under great teachers: Mullah Hossein Sabzewari, Muhammad ####Ibrahim Karbasi, Sheikh Muhammad Taqi, Mullah Ali Mazandarani Nuri and Mullah Ismail Isfahani. Then he went to Mashhad and started teaching. The following are some of his students in Mashhad:
- Mullah Muhammad Kazem Khorasani
- Mullah Muhammad Kazem Sabzewari
- Ayatollah Mirza Hossein Mujtahed Sabzewari
- Mullah Abdul Karim Quchani
- Mirzza Hasan Karim Damad
- Mirza Muhammad Yazdi, etc.

Then went to Sabzewar and took up residence for forty years in this city. He wrote books and trained many students. Sabzewari was also a poet, composed mystic poems. His pen name was “Asrar” (Secrets).

Structure of the book
The preface: the figures of speech
- The figures of speech related to the meanings: contrast, amphiboly, involution, exaggeration, poetical etiology, poetical congruity, reverse, etc.
- The figures of speech related to the terms: pun, riming prose, equilibrium, inversion, etc.

The book was published in 2002 in Tehran.


The Tranquility and Comfort


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