Paradise's blessing according to the Koran

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In many of the koranic verses the manner of believers entering Heaven and the way of talking the angels to them, as well as the blessing granted repeatedly mentioned:

1- The ones who have heeded their lord will be driven along to the Garden in throngs until just came up to it, gates will swing open and its keepers will them “peace be upon you! You have been good, so enter it to remain there .” they will say “praise be to God  who has held True to His promise for us and let us inherit the  earth ! We shall settle down anywhere we wish to in the Garden. How favored are such workers wages!.  Judgement will be pronounced on them formally, and someone will say “praise be to God, Lords of the universe”! (39:73-75)

However those who heed their Lords will gardens through which rivers flow, to live in forever as a welcome from God. What God possesses is best for the virtuous. (3:198)

2-He will show anyone who abbeys God and His messenger into gardens through which rivers flow, while He will punish anyone who turns away with painful torment (48:17)

3- Those who believe, perform honorable deeds, and yield unto their Lords, will become inhabitants of the Garden, they will live in it forever. (11:23)

4-Anyone who has been afraid to stand before his Lord and restrained himself from passion, will they Garden for a dwelling place. (79:40-41)


"Recognition of Resurrection" (Allameh Tehrani)

The Quran (T.B. Irving)


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