Essence monotheism

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Essence monotheism refers to recognizing God’s Essence, believing in God’s Uniqueness. The following verses of the Koran confirm the Divine attributes of God Almighty.

1. Mankind, you are so poor as far as God is concerned, while God is Transcendent, Praiseworthy. (35:15) [transcendence only belongs to Divine Essence]
2. There is nothing like Him! (42:11)
3. There is nothing comparable to Him! (112:4)
[These two that God is unique verses confirm]
4. God is the creator of everything. (13:16) [creatorship refers to one of the characteristics of essence monotheism].
5. Matters (all) end up with God. (42:53)
6. Glory be to your Lord, the Lord of Grandeur, beyond what they describe! (37:180)
7. He is with you (all) wherever you may be! (57:4)



Monotheism worldview (Morteza Motahari)

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