Sigh of the One Who Is Oppressed

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Sigh of the One Who Is Oppressed (Nafas al-Mahmum) is the name of an Arabic book on Imam Hossein’s (the 3rd Shia Imam) martyrdom. The book begins with the Imam’s birth, then his superiorities and all the events of the allegiance and at the end mentions Imam’s martyrdom. It is written by great scholar, Sheikh Abbas Qomi and translated into Persian by “Mirza Abul Hasan Sha’rani”.

The author
Sheikh Abbas Qomi, outstanding scholar and great ####traditionist (1877, Qom – 1935, Najaf). In 1894 went to Najaf – Iraq and studied jurisprudence and other sciences in the presence of prominent scholar, Ayatollah Seyyed Kazem Yazdi and aldo tradition under Mirza Hasan Nuri. There are left over 60 works of him.

The book structure
The book contains a preface which includes the Imam’s birth; five chapters and a conclusion as follows:
1- On the Imam’s superiorities, the divine rewards for crying for Imam Hossein (p.b.u.h), damning Imam’s murderers and the happenings on his martyrdom.
2- On the events after peoples allegiance to Yazid (Umayyad caliph). This chapter includes some parts on Muawiya’s (Yazid’s father) death, the allegiance, Yazid’s order for the Iam to swear allegiance, Imam leaves Medina and enters Mecca, the Kufis invite Imam to Kufa, sending Muslim Ibn Aqil (Imam’s cousin) to Kufa, martyrdom of Muslim, Hani Ibn Urweh, Meytham Tammar, Rashid Hejri and some other companions of Imam, Imam leaves Mecca and enter Iraq, “Hurr Ibn Yazid Riyahi” prevents Imam from entering Kufa, Imam arrives in Karbala, the conversation between Imam and Umar Sa’d (curse upon him), the night of Ashura (the 10th day of Muharram), the battle on Ashura between Imam’s army and Yazid’s, the Imsm and his 72 companions were martyred by Yazid’s army.
3- On the events after Imam’s martyrdom: the events in the afternoon of Ashurs, moving Imam’s family form Karbala to Kufa, burying Imam and the other martyrs, Imam’s family enter Obeydullah Ibn Ziyad’s (curse upon him) palace (in Kufa), delivering the sermons by Zeinab (Imam’s sister) and Imam Sajjad (Imam’s son) in the palace, sending the martyrs’ heads to Syria (after killing the Imam and his companions, they were decapitated)
4- The angels cry after Imam’s martyrdom
5- On the numbers of Imam’s wives and children, the virtue of Imam’s pilgrimage
The conclusion: biographies of the penitents, killing the Imam’s murderers by Mukhtar Thaqafi, people’s allegiance to Mukhtar, how Obeydullah Ibn Ziad was killed and Mukhtar and Yazid’s end of life.


Sigh of the One Who Is Oppressed


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