The social justice in Allameh Tabatabaee's view

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The social justice in Allameh Tabatabaee's view

Justice is one of the greatest concepts which is fully explained in al-Mizan Exegesis (by Allameh Tabatabaee).
Unfortunately the history of Islamic societies always explains justice in ethical and individual areas and do not consider it in the political and social areas. Some believe that justice and particularly the social justice could be applied as a criterion for jurisprudence and juridical inferences.

According to the great pupil of Allameh Tabatabaee, "Morteza Motahari", justice is one of the Islamic criteria. It is placed in category of commandments.
He adds: it is not true to say that what is said in religion is justice but whatever is justice is said in religion. In other words the justice rules over commandments it does not follow then justice is not Islamic but Islam is just.

Allameh's interpretative view on justice
Justice from the Koranic point of view is mentioned in detail in al-Mizan Exegesis.
According to Allameh there are different definitions and interpretations on justice in Islamic commandments but he most accurate definition should be given based on the Koranic exegesis and also the Islamic commandments:
God commands justice, kindness and giving their due to near relatives while He forbids sexual misconduct. (16/90)
In the course of explaining the importance justice, Allameh also interprets it.
In the mentioned verse Almighty God first mentions the three main principles: justice, kindness, giving their due to relatives as the most important commandments which are the bases of human society, because the most important purpose of Islam which is noticed in Islamic learning, is to form the societies.
There are two kinds of justice: individual justice and social justice. Although the term justice is absolute, it includes both kinds of justice.
But the Koranic verse which already mentioned, consider the social justice means behaving towards each person in the society in a way they deserve and it is ordered by God that everyone is responsible to serve justice in society. As a result social justice should be served by both people and the government.

References: The social justice in Allameh's view (by Bahram Akhavan)
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