Shams Al-din Jowsi

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Shams Al-din Jowsi, a historian and preacher, was born in 1168 in Jows( the name of a place in Baghdad). He was brought up by his maternal grandfather. Shams Al-din was the famous preacher of Hanafite( one of the four branches of Sunni). He had a high rank position among people and was repected by all. In 1186, he went to Damascus(Dimashq) and learned some lessons from "Hojjat" who was the preacher of that city, then went to Mowsel (one of the cities of Iraq). And visited some of the #### scholars, then went to Halab and so forth.

- His most important work is a book about interpretation and history called "Mirror of life in history of nobles", Ibn Khalkan( the famous historian of Sunni says: "I have seen this book with his own (Shams Al-din) handwriting, in 40 volumes, it contains: many points about prophetic traditions, some notes about good people, excellent poems and happenings of the world up to his( Shams Al-din) death in 1240.
- A book about the characteristics of Imams, which was published in Iran. This book is about virtues of Imam Ali (peace be upon him)and the Twelve Imams( peace be upon them). It seems that, he is known as Shia because of writing this book.
- A book about virtues of Abu Hanifeh (the head of Hanafite).

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2) Sharaf Al-din Ismail Mowseli


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