Superiorities of the Months Rajab, Sha’ban and Ramadan

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This is the name of a significant book by the outstanding traditionist, “Sheikh Saduq”, written in Arabic, on the superiorities of the Arabic months (Rajab Sha’ban and Ramadan).

The author
Abu Jafar Muhammad Babwayh Qomi, known as “Ibn Babwayh” and “Sheikh Saduq” and “Ibn Babwayh”, a celebrated Shia jurisconsult and great traditionist in the 10th century. He was born in 900. After primary education, he#### studied jurisprudence and Hadith in the presence of great jurisconsults and traditionists of Qom such as: his father (Ali Ibn Babwayh Qomi), Muhammad Ibn Hossein Ibn Walid, Ahmad Ibn Ali Qomi, Hossein Ibn Idris Qomi and other great scholars. Sheikh Saduq lived in the reign of the Shia dynasty “Buyids” which ruled the great part of the Islamic world, therefore Sheikh Saduq travelled a lot to visit Shia scholars in different places. In 936, learnt Hadith from “Abul Hasan Muhammad Asadi” in Rey – Iran. In 941, he learnt Prophetic Hadiths from the great scholars of Neishabour: “Aqbu Ali Hossein Beyhaqi” and “Abdul Rahman Abdus”. Also in Marv from: “Abul Hasan Muhammad Faqih” and “Abu Yusuf Rafe”. And in other cities: Kufa, Mecca, Baghdad, Balkh and Sarakhs learnt more Hadiths. In 948, by request of the Buyid caliph “Rukn al-Dowleh Deylami”, Sheikh Saduq was resident in Rey and became the religious leader of Shias.

Structure of the book
1- The superiorities of Rajab, including 18 traditions (Hadiths): Umm-e Dawud, keeping vigil at one of the nights of this month, etc.

2- The superiorities of Sha’ban, including 50 traditions: Sha’ban as the month of the Holy Prophet, divine rewards for fasting on the last day of this month, the Prophet’s sermon on the last Friday of Sha’ban, asking for forgiveness from God in Sha’ban, etc.
3- The superiorities of Ramadan, including 158 traditions: viewing the new moon of Ramadan and the prayer which should be said at that moment, the superiorities of the one who fasts, etc.


Superiorities of the Months Rajab, Sha’ban and Ramadan

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