Death, Purgatory and Resurrection according to the Koran

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In Islam’s view, mankind has an eternal life which will continue after death in the Hereafter.

“Do not consider that you will be annihilated by death, but you will enter a new house (the Hereafter).” Said the Prophet.

The Purgatory refers to the period of time the between death and Resurrection, it exactly starts after death.

In the Purgatory man will see the consequences of all his deeds whether good or bad:


Do not reckon those who are killed for God’s sake are dead, but rather
[ they  are] living, they will be provided for their Lord, so happy will  they be with whatever God had give them out of His bounty, and rejoicing for those they left behind who have not yet overtaken them.

No fear will fall on them nor will they be saddened, they will rejoice because of favour and bounty from God, since God does not deprivers of their wages. (3: 169-171)

These verses refer to those who lead a happy life in Purgatory.


Since whenever death comes to any one of them, he says: My Lord, send me back so I may act honorably with anything I may have left behind. Indeed not! It is merely a remark he is making. Beyond them there lies a barrier till the day when they will be raised up again. (23:99-100).


These two verses mention the ones who had acted badly about their wealth.

Among all divine books, the Noble Koran is the only one concerning thoroughly Resurrection Day. The Koran reminds us Resurrection in over one hundred cases presenting different terms; it also notices that believing in Resurrection is as essential as having faith in God.

The universe will have an end and everything will eventually return to God, because the world has been created with purpose:


Those who stray from Gods path will have sever torment because they have forgotten the Day of Reckoning! (38:26)

We did not create Heaven and Earth and anything in between them just by playing around.

We have created them both only [to reveal] the Truth, even though most of them do not realize it. (44:38-39)

Or do those who commit evil deeds reckon that we will treat exactly like those who believe and perform honorable actions, just as if their mode of living and their way of dying were equivalent? How lamely do they judge!

God has created Heaven and Earth for a true purpose, and so every soul may be awarded for whatever it has earned, and they will not be harmed (45: 21-22)


"Shia in Islam" (By Sayyed Mohammad Hossein Tabatabai)


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