Emigration and jihad in the Koran

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Muslims are a united nation:  there is no difference between them they are all the same. “Emigrants” (Muhajerin) were the Muslims who emigrated from Mecca to Medina in time of the Holy Prop. And “Herpes” (Ansar)

Were those Muslims of Medina who harped the Emigrants in Medina.

In the last Koranic verses of the surah “Anfal” (Booty) these groupsare mentioned as well as the Muslims who embraced to Islam but did not emigrate to Medina and those Muslims who later embraced to Islam and joined “the Emigrants”:

Those who believe, and have migrated and struggled for God is sake with their property and persons, as well as those who have given them asylum and support, [will find] some of those are friends of are another. You do not owe any protection to those who believe and have not migrated, until they become refugees.

If they should plead for support however from you concerning religious matters, you must support them except against and folk with whom you have made a treaty. God is observant of anything you do.

Some of those who disbelieve are allies of one another. Unless you (Muslims) do not do likewise, dissension will exit on earth, and [cause] great havoc. Those who believe and become refugees, and struggle for God is: sake, as well as those who grant them asylum and support, are truly believers, they will have forgiveness and generous provision

Those who believe late on, and migrate and struggle alongside you are (also) part of you. [Nevertheless] some blood relationships are closer to other according to God is with. God is Aware of anything! (8:72-75).

Emigration and jihad considered as the two principle factors in Islam is victory.

If there was no emigration, Islam would not exist, also if there was no jihad in Islam. There would be no development.




"Subject exegesis of the Koran (Abdullah Javadi Amoli)

English translation of the Koran (T.B. Irving)


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