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The Edition of Discourse (Tanqih al-Maqal) is the name of comprehensive book on Rejal science (name of an Islamic science which considers the traditionists); in Arabic. It is written by Sheikh Abdullah Mamqani, great Shia jurist and scholar in the 19the and 20th century. It is written the biographies of the Prophet’s and the Imams’ companions, the Followers (Tabi’ieen), the traditionists and famous authors in Rejal science.

The author ####
Sheikh Abdullah Mamqani, outstanding contemporary Shia scholar, traditionist, jurist, man of letters and a Muslim religious authority (1874 - 1933) was born in Najaf – Iraq. He was a son of Muhammad Hasan Mamqani – great scholar-. He wrote the books “On Blood-Money” and “On Marriage”.

Structure of the book:
There are the biographies of 16307 Rejals in the book. It consists of the description of Rejal science, 30 advantages of the Rejal science’s principles and also four chapters including traditionists women, nicknames and titles of the traditionists, which all have been arranged alphabetically. Writing the book took the author two years and was published I his life time.

The book in the scholars’ viewpoint
It has been praised and criticized by many scholars: Muhammad Taqi Shushtari: knows it as a comprehensive book in Rejal science, but criticized it either and he himself wrote a book called “Rejal Encyclopedia”. Agha Bozorg Tehrani: he praised both the book and the author, but believed that it should be reappraised and reviewed. It was published in 3 volumes in Najaf and Qom.


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