Rejecting arrogance and the arrogant in the Koran

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In many of the koranic verses, arrogance is rejected; the following are some of them.
1. Those who argue about Gods signs without their having any right authority to do so, only feel pride within their breasts, they shall never achieve anything Take refuge with God, and he is the Alert, the observant! (40:56)
2. Your God is God Alone! Those who do not believe in the Hereafter have heart which refuse to learn which they are overspread.( 16:22)
3. I shall divert those from My signs who have strutted around the earth so proudly without having any right to do so.(7:146)
 4. We told the angels: “Bow down on your knees before Adam.” They [all] knelt-down except for Diabolis. He refused and acted proudly, and became a disbeliever.(2:34)
5. Those who do not expect to meet us say: “why are not angels set down to us or we are allowed to see our Lord? “ They act too proud of themselves, and strut around quite insolently! (25:21)
6. They will cal out to them. “Were we not with you?” they will say. “Of course, but you tempted on another. And let yourselves waver and doubt.[your saying] , Amen’s [to everybody] has deceived you till Gods command come along. The Deceiver has even deluded you concerning God! (57:14)



al-Mizan Koranic Exegesis (Allame Tabatabai)

The Noble Koran (English translation by T.B.Irving)


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