Description of Resurrection in the Koran

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The following verses of the Koran describe Resurrection Day:


1- when the sun has been extinguished , when the stars slip out of place , when the mountains travel along , when ten –month pregnant camels are neglected , when wild beasts are herded together, when the seas overflow , when souls reunited when the buried girl is asked for what offence she has been killed, when scriptures are unrolled , when the sky is stripped bare , when Hades is set blazing when the Garden is  brought close , each soul shall know what it has prepared ! (810:1-14)

2-some day when every person will find whatever good he done is presented [as evidence] as well as whatever bad he has  done he would like a long stretch [to lie] between them and himself. (3:30)

3- Heed a day when you will brought back to God, them every soul will be paid in full according to whatever he has  earned , and they will not be treated unjustly. (2:281)

4-On that day men will appear in droves to be shown actions, and whoever has done an atoms weight of good will see it , while whoever has done an atom weight of evil will see it. (99:8)


"Divine Justice" (By Morteza Motahari)


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