The story of reviving a prophet after death

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In the second koranic sura, "Baqara" (cow) it is mentioned that a prophet was revived after death:

Or like the man who passed by a town whose roofs and caved in, he said: “How will God revive this following its death?” God let him die for a hundred years, and then raised him up again. He said:”How long have you been waiting here”? He said: “I’ve been waiting a day or part of a day.” he said: “Rather you have stayed here a hundred years. Yet look at you food and drink, they have not yet even become stale! And look at your donkey. We grant you it as a sign for mankind. Look how we set its bones together, then clothe them with flesh.” when it was explained to him he said: “I know that God is capable of everything!” (2:259)

 Also about Abraham the prophet it is said in the koranic verses:

Therefore we showed Abraham sovereignty over Heaven and Earth so he might feel reassured. (6:75) such was our argument which we furnished Abraham with against his folk: we raise anyone we wish to in rank. (6:83)

The following verses confirm Resurrection as well:

1- We stuck them with drowsiness in the cave for several years. (18:11)

2- He (Zachariah the prophet said: My Lord, how will I have a boy while my wife is barren and I have reached such extreme old age?” he said “Just as your Lord has said it is a trifling thing for me [to do] . I created you before while you were still nothing” (19:8-9)

3- He is the one who starts out with creation, then performs it all over again. It is quite simple for Him [to do]. He sets the supreme Example in Heaven and Earth, He is the powerful, the wise. (30:27)



al-Mizan Koranic Exegesis (Allameh Tabatabai)

The Quran English translation (T.B. Irving)


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