Manifestation of servants' deeds in the Purgatory

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In the following Koranic verses, God notices that everyone will observe the consequences of his own deeds performed during his life:


1- some day when every person will find whatever good he has done is presented [as evidence] as well as  whatever bad he has done , he would  like a long stretch  [to lie] between  them and himself . God contains you about himself though God is Gentle with [his] worshippers.(3:30)

2- we assign anyone who fails to remember  the Mercy – Giving at night fall , a devil who will become a soul mate for they divert them from the [right] way while they may reckon they are guided , until when he comes up to us. He says: “Alas, if the distance between the two Easts only lay between you and me1 he such on awful soulmate (43: 36-38)

3-Anyone who purifies himself will proper while whoever neglects to do so will be disappointed (91:9-10)


The Noble Quran (English translation by T.B. Irving)


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